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Remind Congress That Rogue Salmon Need Water

Jetboats are asking for water to float their boats. It's important that science continue to manage water released from Lost Creek Reservoir to benefit fish.

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blm chinook 275wSince the construction of Lost Creek Reservoir in 1977, water released from the William L. Jess dam has been managed by a science-based plan to provide crucial flows for salmon. The flow releases under the plan are essential for protecting salmon from diseases that can decimate populations if river flows are too low and water temperatures are too high at critical times for fish runs.

Southern Oregon is experiencing a major drought this summer that will affect everyone in the Rogue basin in some way. Farmers are cutting back on water, water rationing is mandatory in some cities and many streams will run dry. Everyone is trying to adapt.

We all have to do our part, but Jetboat operators are asking Congress to change the rules to deliver more water to float their boats, at the expense of  providing precious water for fish. The water in Lost Creek Reservoir was authorized by Congress to be stored and released for the purposes of flood control, fisheries enhancement, and other purposes, but not for jetboats. Jet boat operations should not come at the expense of our remaining wild salmon runs.

Take Action: Please write a letter to the Army Corps and your Congressional representatives and let them know you value the Rogue River salmon runs. Science that protects our fisheries should continue to guide water releases on the Rogue River.

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