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Chinook Salmon

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Chinook SpawningOncorhynchus tshawytscha

Chinook also known as King Salmon are the largest Pacific salmon species, averaging approximately 35 inches and 10 to 50 pounds, but have been known to historicaly reach up to 130 pounds.  They are found throughout the Pacific from the San Francisco Bay in California to Alaska, and on the other side of the ocean as far south as Japan.  The Rogue Basin has two separate runs of Chinook in the Spring and the Fall, with slightly different ranges throughout the watershed in addition to their differing spawning times.  After hatching the young fish will spend about a year in freshwater before heading out to sea where they will remain for about 2-4 years before coming back to freshwater to spawn.

Like other salmonids Chinook are suffering in many ways from dams, habitat destruction, mining, agriculture, logging, water diversion, urbanization and climate change causing steady declines of most species.

Chinook Salmon Distribution in the Rogue River Basin

Chinook Salmon Distribution in the Rogue River Watershed

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